Working Together Side by Side

This program is designed for people that work closely together (such as supervisors and assistants, project managers and teams) and wish to maximize their productivity and mutual success. Working Together Side By Side provides a unique way of looking at the information gathered from the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).

Building on information obtained from the MBTI, each partner learns about the other's differences and similarities, and in doing so, learns how to interact and work together more effectively. Emphasis is placed on successful decision-making, creating a productive work environment, determining work styles, increasing productivity, and enhancing overall team effectiveness.

Each person receives a five-page report that analyzes, examines and explores their work preferences, and highlights differences and similarities. This report covers topics such as:

  • Strengths and opportunities for growth
  • How to function at their best
  • What creates frustration
  • Driving forces
  • Conflict resolution styles
  • Blind spots and pitfalls

Topics Covered

  • Skills and abilities
  • Authority orientation
  • Role perception
  • Conflict resolution
  • Frustrations and irritations

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"An ability to embrace new ideas . routinely challenge old ones, and live with paradox are the premier traits of effective leaders." Tom Peters