Individual Presentation Skills

Due to time restrictions and the need for confidentiality and privacy, individual coaching on presentation skills is a more practical and effective method of learning for some people. Individual coaching sessions give participants the opportunity to participate in a private coaching and feedback session with a consultant. Each session is customized, ideally three hours long, and follow-up sessions can be scheduled based on personal objectives and learning needs.

The participant should be prepared with a 10-20 minute presentation (or part of a presentation) that he or she has already given or is likely to give. Each session is conducted in a workshop format where strengths are further developed and areas for enhancement are improved. Both the presentation as well as a mock question and answer session are videotaped as a key to skill development.

Focus Areas
The individual coaching session focuses on the following areas based on specific needs:


  • Appearing confident and credible in front of an audience
  • Managing anxiety and nervousness
  • Maintaining good eye contact
  • Using natural gestures, facial variety, and vocal variety
  • Working with notes or a manuscript


  • Organizing both informative and persuasive presentations
  • Creating strong introductions and conclusions
  • Delivering impromptu and extemporaneous talks

Visual Aids

  • Utilizing visual aids to enhance a presentation
  • Working with visual aid equipment (PowerPoint presentations, overhead and slide projectors, flip charts, videos, models, and handouts)
  • Opening and closing the question and answer session
  • Anticipating difficult questions and formulating responses ahead of time
  • Diffusing hostile questioners without becoming defensive or agitated

This program will enable participants to:

  • Analyze an audience and tailor their presentation appropriately
  • Appear confident and credible, even in high pressure situations
  • Use strategies for organizing both informative and persuasive presentations
  • Develop and use effective visuals
  • Respond effectively to questions and comments
  • Feel more confident about their abilities to communicate effectively
  • Get their message across
  • Capitalize on speaking opportunities to best benefit your company
  • Anticipate difficult questions and formulate appropriate responses before a presentation

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