Creative Problem Solving

In this seminar, participants learn how to refresh, renew and revitalize the thought processes and problem solving approaches they standardly use. Harvard psychologist Dr. Howard Gardner's research indicates that the more we stimulate a variety of areas of our brain, the more intelligent and creative we become.

Participants learn to utilize techniques based on this research to help teams think in new ways and to develop enjoyable and energetic approaches to problem solving and decision-making. By assessing the entire range of intelligences, participants learn to use a broader scope of skills, injecting more creative potential into work (and play!). Learning to access this wider range of talents in the workplace can help individuals and teams become even more effective at innovating and adapting to change. And, as we move into an ever more competitive business environment, we will continue to need higher levels of thinking, as well as new ways of innovating and interacting.

During this program participants can expect to gain:

  • A mindset that solves problems in new, creative, positive and unconventional ways
  • Emotional energy to take creative, but sensible, risks
  • The ability to overcome roadblocks to creative thinking
  • A perspective in the power of passion, joy and fun as a key ingredient in organizational effectiveness
  • Practical, useable techniques for the daily application of these new concepts and ideas

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"Invention breeds invention." Ralph Waldo Emerson