Advanced Leadership Development

To be an enduring leader one must continuously be able to assess situations, people and, most important, themselves accurately. One of the most difficult challenges facing leaders today is receiving candid and unambiguous feedback regarding their leadership style and effectiveness. As a person becomes recognized as a leader, the opportunity to receive objective feedback s considerably diminished and perceptions can become distorted. The more power a leader has, the more careful people are about what they tell you. Leaders must develop the necessary skills to maintain clarity and perspective.

In this premier leadership program, you will explore how to make the most of your natural talents, leverage your strengths and enhance your leadership capabilities. You will receive an extensive analysis of your leadership behaviors and your potential blind spots.

Participants discover how personality determines the communication styles people typically use. They build a framework for using different communication styles in different situations, such as meetings with superiors, direct reports and support staff, and other industry representatives and professional colleagues. Participants will develop the skills necessary to identify the preferences of others and learn to adopt the most effective leadership style for each situation.

During the program participants will:

  • Learn how to manage teams and other relationships
  • Discover ways to establish acceptance for ideas across the organization
  • Receive tips on successfully presenting a rationale for action
  • Learn how to influence colleagues and motivate workers bullet Have an increased understanding of the contributions of others
  • Understand the characteristics of the four basic styles of communication
  • Identify acknowledged and unacknowledged assets
  • Learn of strengths in overdrive become liabilities

This program will enable participants to:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of their own personality preferences
  • Enhance the awareness of others' personalities based on behavior cues
  • Increase the range of communication styles used
  • Learn how and when to "flex" their leadership approach to ensure success in communication
  • Find and correct blind spots
  • Uncover biases and hot buttons

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"Contrary to the opinion of many people, leaders are not born. Leaders are made, and they are made by effort and hard work." Vince Lombardi